NSI Identity

NSI is the preferred outsource solutions provider to Fortune 500 companies, disruptive technology startups, and other businesses seeking to turn their engineering visions into reality. When NSI’s global technical manufacturing and engineering services needed a creative facelift, we stepped up to deliver something unique in the industry. Specializing in high purity gas and chemical delivery systems, NSI needed something that reflected both its interest in technology and its pride in quality. Our approach began with NSI’s logomark, which derives from the engineering symbols for both gas and liquid (the two primary compounds for which NSI develops technologies). From there, we extended the brand to a number of deliverables showcased in a clean, modern and sophisticated design.

Disciplines: Campaign, Motion, Identity, Photo, UI.UX, Web


CREATIVE DIRECTION: Corey J. Koberna & Mark E. Dusk

DESIGN: Corey J. Koberna, Mark E. Dusk, and Sarah R. Andrew